Conexport is on international market for over 30 years with customers of USA, Canada and England. Our service is the compromise of reach and overcome our client’s needs and specifications, due our severe responsibility on all business points, since communication, dates and product quality and specifications. Products combine high quality precision handcraft for delicate materials, ornaments and worth perception as well, updated comfort elements and quality leathers with different textures and finishes. All components meet USA and EUROPE regulations and standards specially selected from suppliers in order to make a distinct product, also work with shearling, wood bottoms and exotic leathers like snake and fish.

•  Account Department - Responsible for the full client support and communication on daily basis; samples, confirmations, manuals, production schedule/status and all further process including shipment.

•  Leather Department - Responsible to develop or replicate looks, follow and verify the leathers at tanneries in order to clear it to production assuring that the article reach clients standards and specs, also keep the sampling department up to date on new articles and finishes.

•  Sampling Department – Responsible from the sketch to the sales samples. Including new materials, ornaments, technologies, finishes research and its developments as well. Our team is used to travel and support the client in his office since the beginning of the line, available for hand sketching and specs definitions willing a more accurate and refined result on the samples which can be shipped or revised personally in our facility by the client.

•  Technical Department - Responsible to general technical specifications on styles, patterns, lasts, fit, comfort, components and laboratories tests and further technical precision details on fit trials, confirmation samples and production as well.


•  Sample Shop – Embedded to our structure a complete small shoe factory to perform our client´s needs in time record, we realized in self experience that a quicker product development cycle increases the line and its variety as a crucial tool in the fashion business improvement.